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Luggage and personal belongings

Pour faciliter votre passage à l’aéroport (enregistrement et contrôle de sureté), prenez le temps de bien préparer vos bagages.

Vous pouvez voyager avec un bagage cabine et enregistrer d’autres bagages en soute selon les conditions précisées lors de l'achat de votre billet d'avion.
Certaines compagnies proposent l'enregistrement des bagages de soute en ligne, alors n’attendez pas d’être à l’aéroport pour enregistrer vos bagages! Grâce au pré-enregistrement vous passerez plus rapidement les formalités d'enregistrement final à l'aéroport.

Vous pouvez également enregistrer et transporter des bagages spéciaux (exemple : équipement sportif, poussettes, etc.) : consultez  les conditions de votre compagnie aérienne

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Cabin or checked baggage?

Restrictions concernant l'emport des produits liquides, aérosols et gels encabine, produits liquides

To make things as easy and as smooth as possible (through check-in and security checks), please take the time to prepare your luggage well.
You may travel with one piece of cabin baggage and check in other baggage under the conditions specified when you purchased your flight ticket.
Some airlines offer online check-in for hold luggage, so don't wait until you get to the airport to check your luggage! Pre-checking your baggage will help you get through the final check-in process at the airport more quickly.
You can also check in and carry special baggage (e.g. sports equipment, pushchairs, etc.): please consult your airline's conditions.

Cabin baggage


To prepare your bags and make your transition to airport checkpoints, limit your cabin baggage to a minimum. You can take for free, at your own risk, 1 piece of luggage per person to the recommended size and weight limits depending on the airline and fare conditions.

All liquids, aerosols or gels in containers above 100 ml are prohibited in the cabin bag, exceptions aside (those to be used during the trip for medical purposes or a special dietary requirement, including baby food, those bought airside of an airport or in flight in a sealed bag).

Caution ! All prohibited items found during the security screening will be abandoned and thrown away by our security officers.

Place in your checked baggage   :

  •     All liquids, gels, creams, pastes and aerosols you want to take in food or cosmetic use and any prohibited items in cabine.
  •     All prohibited objects. Checked Baggage will be carried free in the hold to a certain limit (weight or number depending on the company) called franchise varies depending on the company and type of ticket. In addition, you must pay an additional fee per kilo or additional baggage.  


Prohibited and restricted objects   

Caution! Observe the safety instructions  related to risk of fire or explosion specified on your ticket or displayed above the counter and leave nothing or clinging to exceed your luggage (gourd, belt, ...) to prevent it deterioration.




You can keep your stroller until you enter the aircraft. You can then collect it on arrival with your oversized luggage.

Airlines baggage services

In case of lost or damaged luggage on arrival - Lost / forgotten items on the plane go to Airline Baggage Services located in the first baggage reclaim area near the washrooms or call the Airline :

  • Air Austral :+262 (0)262 48 80 61 
  • Air France : +262 (0)262 40 39 52
  • Air Madagascar : +262 (<0)262 48 83 41
  • Air Mauritius : +262 (0)262 48 80 61 
  • Corsair :+262 (0)262 48 18 88
  • French Bee : +262 (0)262 48 18 88

Storage lockers and luggage wrapping


Due to security reasons there are no luggage lockers the airport. Thanks for understanding.

There is no luggage wrapping machine at the airport, it is recommended to protect your luggage at home before arriving at the airport.


Belongings  : admitted without formalities (camcorder, cycling ...), but it is advisable to carry proof of membership in order to avoid any inconvenience to return. A map of free movement may be issued by a recipe Customs upon presentation of the original documents.

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