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Contributing to the island’s success

Providing the island with flight connections to the rest of the world

Roland Garros Airport supports the development of Reunion by ensuring the island has flight connections with the rest of the world.

The primary object of our projects is to lower the cost of air travel, thus enhancing the island’s appeal as a destination. We also seek to encourage the Reunionese to travel themselves, thus boosting mobility and economic exchanges.

The Société Aéroportuaire commissioned Utopies to carry out a study in order to measure the socio-economic impacts of the airport.

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The results reveal the island’s considerable benefits resulting from airport activities. In 2018, 107 companies were listed on or near the Roland Garros Airport site, running business directly related to the airport. These companies represented 3,181 jobs, mainly in the air transport and airport services sectors (54%), and generated 217 million euros of GDP in 2018 (48 million for the airport company alone).

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Airport activity has a wider impact on the local economy, generating indirect and ‘catalysing’ jobs, as well as added value.

By contributing to the tourism industry, the airport plays a role in the creation of jobs and added value in the hotel and catering industry, transport and leisure activities. According to the survey carried out by Utopies, airport activity supports 18,563 jobs (6% of jobs on the island) and contributes 4% (€816M) to Reunion's Gross Domestic Product (GDP)