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Flight times updated in real time, based on information provided by the airlines

Flight times in real time

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For European citizens :

Attention! Whatever the destination, check the formalities required for minors traveling without one or two parents, at least 1 month before departure with your local council or the Departmental Directorate of Border Police (Tel: +262 ( 0) 262 488 500).
National Identity Card or Passport : Inside the European Union, Switzerland and the DOM - TOM (Mayotte, Noumea).
Passport required : Elsewhere check at least 2 months before leaving the conditions of validity required by the destination country as some countries require that your passport be valid for at least 6 months after return.

For non-EU nationals and non-Swiss

Passport required, check the entry requirements the destination country so different from the original one.



To facilitate your trip and make your time at the airport more pleasant, here is our advice and recommendations:

Registration Counters

When you arrive at the airport side you head out to the check-in counters. Flights during recording are displayed above the countertops with the logo of the Airline, destination and the take-off zone.

(PRM) - People with disabilities or reduced mobility

Passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility are encouraged to contact the LAA or the airline company which will pay for as they arrive at the airport. Vending kiosks Air France is available to Air France passengers equipped with electronic tickets provided they are not traveling with a child under 2 years and they do not present a special case (children traveling alone , animals). Once the recording made ​​at the terminal, passengers can print their ticket and rapidly transfer baggage at a dedicated counter with the @ sign.

On your flight the HLE code indicates the time Saving limit. To save in good conditions, it is recommended to arrive 1 to 3 hours before the schedule for flights to Europe, Asia, Australia and New Caledonia and 30 minutes prior to 1:00 am for flights to Mauritius, Madagascar and South Africa.


cage de voyage animaux

Check with the airline at the time of booking, as there may have quotas on all flights or restrictions, according to destinations (vaccines, quarantine ...).

In the cabin : weight <5kg - In a cage specially provided for this purpose for animals not exceeding 5 kg (birds, cats, dogs), subject to the laws in force in the country of destination.

In the hold : in a cage for this purpose for animals of more than 5 kg. The rate is usually priced baggage fee. The discount applies in principle to transport in the cabin and in the cargo hold of passenger service dogs with disabilities.

Passengers rights

Airlines are legally obliged to inform you of your rights in case of denied boarding, cancellation or long delay and tell you where you can lodge a complaint.

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