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Legal information

Presentation of the site

The purpose of the site is to provide you with information about Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport and links to various websites. The site is the property of Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport. Its Director of Publication is Mr Guillaume Branlat.

Respect for property rights and trademarks

All the elements that you see, hear or read on the site as well as the site itself are protected by copyright law. Under no circumstances may you use, distribute, copy, reproduce, modify, alter or transmit the site or elements of the site, such as texts, images or sounds, without the prior written authorisation of Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport. The trademarks and logos appearing on the site are the property of Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport or are subject to authorisation for use. No right or licence may be attributed to any of these elements without the written authorisation of Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport or the third party holding the rights to the brand or logo appearing on the site. Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport reserves the right to prosecute any act of infringement of its intellectual property rights, including in the context of criminal proceedings.

Respect for images

Images or photographs of people or places appearing on the site are the property of Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport and/or are used by Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport with the agreement of those holding rights. The use of these images or photographs is forbidden without specific and express authorisation from Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport. Any unauthorised use may result in a violation of copyright, image rights, personal rights or any other regulations applicable to communications or advertising.  

Photos credits:

FRT_©Frog974 ; IRT_©Frog974 ; IRT_©Lionnel Ghighi ; IRT_©Eric Lamblin ; IRT_©Serge Gelabert ; IRT_©Guillaume Boeye ; IRT_©Cédric Peneau ; IRT_©Emmanuel Virin ; IRT_©Corinne Tellier ; IRT_©Volcadrone Productions ; IRT_©Stéphane Fournet ; IRT_©Laurent Beche ; IRT_©Stéphane Godin ; IRT_©Stéphane Michel ; IRT_©Studio Lumière ; IRT_©Cédric Etienne ; IRT_©Dronecopters ; IRT_©Luc Perrot ; IRT_©Richard Bouhet ;

©Studio Lumière ; ©Hervé Douris ; ©Serge Marizy ; ©Papangue ULM ; ©Ozoux ; ©Patrick Legros ; ©Jean Colbe ; ©Marcel Bourdier ; ©Air Austral ; ©CrossWind_Pictures ; ©Sandrine Hubert Delisle ; ©Archives CCIR ; ©Archives Départementales ; ©Alefa Productions

©James Christie CIT  

Content writing:
©Brice Marquis-Sébie ; ©Bernard Grollier


General warning

Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport cannot be held responsible for any damage that may result from accessing or using the site, including any deterioration or virus that may infect your computer equipment or any other property. Although Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport makes every reasonable effort to update the precise information published on the site, Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

Exclusion of liability and compensation

Neither Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport nor any other party involved with the site shall be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may result from access to or use of the site or the information contained therein. Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport and its affiliates shall be indemnified and defended, as well as its directors, officers, employees, agents, licensees or anyone else involved in creating, producing and distributing the site, from and against any and all claims, liabilities, costs and expenses arising out of your breach of these terms of use or in connection with your use of the Site.

Use of your personal data

For more information on how we manage your data and your rights, please see our data protection policy.

External Links

Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport publishes links from its site to other affiliated and non-affiliated sites. These sites are independent of the site. Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport does not edit or control these sites. Links to all sites do not constitute, under any circumstances, an approval or a partnership between Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport and these sites. Consequently, Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport cannot be held responsible for the content, products, advertising or any other elements or services presented on these sites. We remind you that affiliated or non-affiliated sites are subject to their own conditions of use and privacy protection policies.

Applicable law

This site is subject to French law.

How to contact us if you have any questions about this charter?

As this charter is intended to protect your privacy, we would be grateful if you would let us know your wishes and comments. If you feel that your data was not processed according to your wishes when you visited this site, please let us know. We will reply as soon as possible. If in the future you do not wish to be contacted following a visit to the website, please write to us at or by post to Aéroport de La Réunion Roland Garros - 74 avenue Roland Garros - Aérogare Passagers - 97438 SAINTE MARIE.

If you wish to check, correct or update any personal information that you may have given us, please write to us. Reunion Airport Roland Garros will do its utmost to meet your expectations.


Modification of the conditions

Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport reserves the right to modify or, more generally, to update the present general conditions at any time and without prior notice. We therefore invite you to consult them regularly. Last modification on 23rd August 2016.