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Valuable items

For valuables, we guarantee secure storage areas and trained staff to ensure a high level of protection from the moment your goods are received.
All information listed here is for reference only, and may not be fully complete.


Faire expédier un objet de valeur aéroport de La Réunion

Regulations and certifications

To import or export valuables, all regulations are established by the customs services in Mainland France. However, it should be noted that Reunion is located within a different tax territory, therefore all goods brought in from mainland France, other French overseas departments or a member state of the European Union are all considered as imports.
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In order to secure your valuables, we provide:
- A fully secure infrastructure (video surveillance and safe) 
- A computerised system enabling goods to be traced
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Transit companies

Whether you’re looking for assistance concerning administrative procedures or someone to organise the shipping and reception of your household possessions in complete safety, simply check out the list of companies below. You can add filters to your search based on your needs here.

Annuaire des acteurs 

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Unauthorised products

Imports or exports of organic material such as ivory are prohibited in France, whether the ivory is raw, unworked or crafted.


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Transport conditions

The transport conditions of your personal freight will depend on conditions accepted by your airline.
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Administrative and tax formalities

What about the administrative and tax procedures for importing or exporting works of art?
These are only permitted when accompanied by an export authorisation for:
  • - Archaeological objects older than 100 years
  • - Paintings over 50 years old and worth more than €150,000
  • - Sculptures older than 50 years and worth more than €50,000
  • - Watercolours, gouaches and pastels over 50 years old and worth more than €30,000
  • - Prints and engravings over 50 years old and worth more than €15,000
When importing a valuable item from the European Union, all VAT on said purchase is paid in the country of the taxable seller, according to their national rules and at the VAT rate applicable in the seller's country, thus avoiding double taxation.
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Delivery times, pricing and online quotes

The delivery of valuables require a fast supply chain of between 24 and 48 hours.
To find out about our rates for in-store processing of your shipments, simply contact us for a quote.
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