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Statistics and economic data

Welcome to the Freight terminal

Statistics for 2020:

At the end of December 2020, cumulative Gross Freight tonnage came to 24,185 (-16.9% versus 2019):
  • - Import: 16,756 T (i.e. -18.7% compared to 2019)
  • - Export: 7,429 T (i.e. -12.6% compared to 2019)
  • At the end of December 2020, cumulative Mail tonnage was 5,108 (-16.1% compared to 2019):
  • - Import: 3,224 T (i.e. -18.3% compared to 2019)
  • - Export: 1,063 T (i.e. -8.4% compared to 2019)
  • This decrease is mainly caused by the reduction of flights over the period from March to June 2020 corresponding to measures taken to combat the Covid 19 pandemic.


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The top 10 goods handled by Roland Garros Airport

60% of the most processed goods are perishable products. The remaining 40% are distributed as follows:
  1. 40% of fashion and clothing items
  2. 20% by express courier (postal parcels)
  3. 10% flowers and plants
  4. 10% of pharmaceutical products
  5. 20% Others


le Top 10 des marchandises les plus traitées
les insolites

A few unusual examples…

As the main gateway to the island, the runways of Reunion's Roland Garros Airport have seen some unusual stories over the years. From the transport of live animals such as working horses, to the huge parts of the combustion turbine of the old power station in Le Port shipped out to Madagascar, to the one-off chartering of an Antonov 124...
Unusual cargo requires special attention in terms of security and flexibility, and represent approximately 5% to 10% of the cargo handled per year.