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Live animals

The freight services dedicated to the transport and housing of live animals enables them to be shipped in complete security. This specialised service continues to improve each year with the reception of animals, hatching eggs and domestic animals but also, more unusually, birds, reptiles and other less common animals too.
All information listed here is for reference only, and may not be fully complete.
faire voyager un animal aéroport de la réunion

Regulations ands certifications

The importation of live animals into the European Community is subject to strict compliance with Community regulations (Reunion Island is part of the European Community).
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The freight buildings include an animal section with a surface area of 150 m² used to house animals but also for veterinary checks before or after flights.
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Transit companies

Whether you’re looking for assistance concerning administrative procedures or someone to organise the shipping and reception of your goods, simply check out the list of companies below. You can add filters to your search based on your needs here. 

Liste des opérateurs

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Unauthorised products

Certain animals are subject to authorisation to enter Reunion Island.
The introduction of certain species of animals is forbidden in Reunion such as:
- Potentially invasive species to harm the island's fauna. See Prefectoral decree n° 05-1777 of July 12th, 2005
- Dangerous species. See Prefectoral decree n° 05-126/SG/DRCTCV of January 19th, 2005  
- Any species threatened by extinction.


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Transport conditions

The transport conditions of your animal will depend on conditions accepted by your airline. If you are shipping your animal by air, please first ensure that the airlines are open to air freight. Please note that it is best to ship your pet on weekdays, as all staff are working and the different steps of the journey will be smoother.

Annuaire des acteurs 

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Administrative and tax formalities

What are the formalities for travelling with a pet from an EU member state or a third country?
To be imported into Reunion (European Union), pets accompanying travellers must be identified (microchip implanted), have their anti-rabies vaccination, have undergone a serum titration of anti-rabies antibodies and hold their original health certificate or a valid European animal passport.


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Delivery times, pricing and online quotes

Goods such as live animals require a rapid logistics chain of between 24 and 48 hours.
To find out our rates for in-store handling of your shipments, contact us for a quote.
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