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Easier from car to plane!

Easier from car to plane!
Book your long-stay parking online!

Official car parks at Reunion Island Roland Garros airport

Short or long-stay ? Airport car-parks are 24 / 7 opened without any formalities.

  • Integrated intercom system
  • Automated barrier access
  • Trolleys available
  • Car Park Payment

Car Park information is located outside the airport in front of the terminal.

Lost or damaged ticket ? Contact our team

N° d’appel : +262/(0)262 48 80 19

Contact the parking service

Plan Parking ARRG

Parking at airports is strictly regulated for safety reasons. It is forbidden to stop outside the parking spaces in the car parks or at the dropp-off area.


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P0 - Drop-off area

10 minutes' free parking
26 parking space

Consult P0 prices

P1 - Short stay

Public Car park

600 parking space

Payment by credit card or cash
Parking not bookable online.

Consult P1 prices

P2 / P3 - Professional car parks

Professional car parks subject to a subscription, dedicated to the airport company's staff and hosted clients.

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P4 - Long stay

Public Parking  - 400 parking space - Covered car park

Nearby parking just a two-minute walk from the terminal
Parking Fee : 33€ the first day +6€/extra day

Can be booked online - Cancellation possible

Book online

Consult P4 prices


Do you have a question or a specific request about our terms :   Règlement Intérieur des Parcs et Accès.

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Parking Loueurs

Parking uniquement réservé aux clients des locations de voitures accessible depuis l’interphonie digitale qui se trouve sur la borne d’entrée.

Parking couvert de 329 places à 3 minutes à pied de l'aérogare passagers, accessible par un cheminement piéton.

Consulter la liste des loueurs de voitures

Pour toutes questions sur nos conditions et limites de responsabilité, nous vous invitons à consulter notre Règlement Intérieur des Parcs et Accès.

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