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All professions that serve to:

  •     -  satisfy the needs of customers (airlines, assistants, passengers, etc.) by managing, controlling and optimising airport services in the short and medium term (air traffic handling, customer reception and orientation),

        -  maintain relations across the network of airport partners.

Métiers d'Exploitation aéroport de la réunion roland garros


The Runway Officer is mainly responsible for participating in the correct management of airport resources and ensuring the transfer of passengers and crews between the aircraft and terminal.

  • Driving licence (Cat. D.), FCOS, FIMO, Airport Apron Licence,
  • Excellent knowledge of the airport and aeronautical environments,
  • Expert in safety rules.
Key missions
  • To carry out passenger circuit clearances in accordance with security regulations, and ensure their proper implementation,
  • To regulate boarding and disembarking operations on the ground and in real-time consultation with the COO (Coordination and Operations Officer), in order to prevent any crossing of passenger flows (departure and arrival),
  • To check the proper functioning of airport resources (following checklists) by carrying out regular inspections and ensuring the initiation and verification of technical interventions,
  • To carry passengers/crew between the aircraft and terminal in accordance with safety and traffic rules in force across the airport apron.
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CO Officer

The Coordination and Operations Officer is responsible for allocating and optimising airport resources by forecasting and managing air traffic in real time.

  • High level of English,
  • Excellent knowledge of the airport and aeronautical environments,
  • Proficient in airport and aeronautical vocabulary and codes,
  • Proficient in operations and safety rules.
Key missions
  • To allocate and optimise airport resources (car parks, seating, walkways, baggage conveyors, access, buses) according to fluctuating air traffic,
  • To coordinate and regulate the flow of arriving and departing passengers and check-in desks in compliance with safety and security regulations,
  • To handle private flights by allocating resources and assisting passengers and crew with cross-border formalities,
  • To convey instructions to operating staff, subcontractors and the air traffic control tower.
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The Duty Station Manager is responsible for the management and coordination of all teams dedicated to operations within the Passenger Terminal.

  • Expertise in national and European regulations related to the profession,
  • Expertise in airport operations and air navigation,
  • Management of business activity’s impact (finances, image, organisation, etc.),
  • Fluent in English,
  • Proficient in job-related computer and desktop tools,
  • Management.
Key missions
  • To ensure the management and coordination of all teams dedicated to operations within the passenger terminal (both in-house and subcontracted),
  • To guarantee customer satisfaction (airlines, assistants, operations and passengers) in compliance with the rules of safety, security, quality and optimisation,
  • To represent the airport operator to both passengers and airport operating staff,
  • To keep a watchful eye on the state of the terminal, traffic area and airport facilities in order to inform customers of any disruptions,
  • To ensure that the regulatory compliance of airport facilities and equipment is maintained in coordination with the relevant departments,
  • To ensure the management and operational leadership of the teams under his / her authority (Terminal, Airport Apron, Operations Coordination and Operational Security Units).
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