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All professions that serve to:

  •     - Anticipate changing needs by carrying out development studies and optimising and/or developing infrastructure and facilities,

        - Ensure the compliance, availability and operations of the infrastructures and facilities,

        - Maintain long-lasting quality across the airport premises.

Métier de l'aéroport de la réunion Roland Garros - Technique et maintenance


The Studies and Works Officer represents project owners or project manager, ensuring that standards and rules are respected at all times. He/she analyses and designs projects, proposing adjustments and regulatory measures required to manage costs and improve service quality in accordance with the airport's strategic guidelines.

  • Computer software: Excel, Power Point, MS Project, Autocad, MapInfo, QALITEL, etc.
  • Standards and regulations in construction and the environment,
  • National and international aviation regulations,
  • Technical Instructions for Civil Aerodromes, CHEA (Aerodrome Operating Procedures),
  • Regulations for establishments open to the public,
  • Public Procurement Code, CCAG PI (General Administrative Clauses for Intellectual Services),
  • Knowledge of architecture,
  • Knowledge in the field of sustainable development,
  • Good level of English.
Key missions
  • To carry out technical studies of projects (installations and equipment), determine the technical processes, implementation methods, costs and deadlines,
  • To ensure the coordination of operations, monitor quality in accordance with the specifications from a technical, financial and regulatory point of view, acting as the project owner's representative in all phases of the operations until its delivery,
  • To monitor studies and construction sites, working with both superiors and various partners and service providers while ensuring compliance with specifications,
  • To establish and maintain operational workflow charts to monitor the budget in real time,
  • To draft technical specifications in all areas of his / her responsibility.
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He / She is responsible for carrying out all tasks related to maintaining the apron, such as the development and upkeep of green spaces.

  • Knowledge of the professional techniques of the trade, of the equipment used, of workshop-related professions,
  • Ability to work in a team,
  • Ability to adapt,
  • Agility and precision.
Key missions
  • To maintain all the fencing of airport perimeter as well as mowing the grass around the runways and the aircraft parking areas in compliance with safety and security regulations,
  • To participate in the maintenance of work tools,
  • To maintain the equipment and premises in perfect working order by actively participating in their cleaning and by carrying out the usual checks on the equipment,
  • To report back on activity and work progress and report any non-conformities encountered.
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He / She is responsible for ensuring that the equipment and buildings are maintained in order to ensure the optimal conditions for passenger operations.


CAP/BEP to BAC PRO in building maintenance

Key missions
  • To carry out maintenance work based on a pre-established schedule or not,
  • To prioritise immediate and timetabled interventions,
  • To take into account the operating constraints in all interventions,
  • To maintain work tools (equipment, tools, premises) in perfect working order by actively participating in their cleaning and maintenance,
  • To accompanying subcontractors and assess services provided.
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