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All professions that serve to:

  •     - Organise and manage the daily security of people and property across the airport premises (prevention and intervention)

        - Preventing risks related to animals (prevention and intervention)

Métier de la sécurité - aéroport de la réunion roland garros


He/she applies and enforces the rules and instructions of Occupational Health and Safety within the airport company in accordance with labour laws.

  • Knowledge of  labour laws, INRS (National Research and Safety Institute for the Prevention of Occupational Accidents and Diseases) and CGSS (Social Security),
  • Occupational health and safety training,
  • SST (First Aid training), PRAP (Prevention of Risks connected to Physical Activity), PSE levels 1 and 2.
Key missions
  • To apply the Occupational Health and Safety policy as defined by the Security Department in order to improve risk prevention,
  • To manage the action plan and the correct application of Occupational Health and Safety rules,
  • To participate in drawing up different documents related to occupational health and safety, such as the simplified prevention plan, work procedures, risk analysis, etc.,
  • To provide expertise upstream of projects concerning compliance with safety rules, workstation ergonomics and to provide proposals an approach which aims to reduce work-related accidents and illnesses.
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He / She is responsible for fire-related safety of people and property (Security Services for Emergencies and Personal Assistance)

  • SSIAP 1 training, first aid,
  • First Aid or Occupational Health and Safety training.
Key missions
  • To apply safety instructions: reading and managing sign boards,
  • To carry out security inspections: visual inspection, ensuring that emergency accesses and clearances are clear,
  • To maintain and carry out basic checks of security installations:
  • To participate in the preventive and pre-emptive maintenance of basic security equipment, ensuring that all equipment is fully functional,
  • To carry out work on elevators,
  • To raise awareness among other employees and the general public,
  • To implement rescue and safety measures,
  • To provide first aid.
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He / She is responsible for ensuring the safety of people and property across the airstrip and, more specifically, the safety of aircraft in accordance with the regulations in force.

  • Airfield firefighter and animal control certification,
  • 1st level runway inspection training, PSE1 and 2,
  • SSIAP 1 and or SSI level 1 implementation authorisation,
  • Heavy goods vehicle licence, coastal licence and hunting licence.
Key missions
  • To check conditions of intervention vehicles,
  • To check equipment inside the vehicles (both qualitative and quantitative),
  • To carry out animal control (monitoring and responding to animals on the apron),
  • To carry out first level maintenance and reconditioning of equipment and vehicles,
  • To carry out daily runway inspections,
  • To be on standby during take-offs and landings to anticipate any aircraft incidents,
  • To intervene in accordance with rules in force on aircraft in the Airport Zone and its surroundings,
  • To provide assistance to casualties within the Airport Zone,
  • To supervise the refuelling of aircraft if passengers are on board, at the request of airlines.
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