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DIEGO SUAREZ, Madagascar


With direct flights from Reunion Island, Diego Suarez in Madagascar is an ideal starting point for travelers looking for the great outdoors, as well as some heavenly beaches!
Located on the northern tip of Madagascar, Diego Suarez (Antsiranana) is less than a 30 minute flight away from Nosy Be.

Madagascar’s third largest port, Diego Suarez is worth a visit for its colonial architecture, but its breathtaking landscapes both on land and at sea have made this region famous all over the world.

Sakalava Bay, Bay of Dunes... Those looking to lounge around on idyllic beaches will be spoilt for choice here, thanks to the many natural coves that can be found dotted along Madagascar’s northern coastline. Nicknamed the Emerald Sea, Diego Suarez is home to some of the most beautiful stretches of white sand in the world, the most famous of which is Ramena beach. And when you’re not sunbathing, why not try out a few spots which are ideal for kitesurfing and diving?

Don't miss the chance to venture out into Madagascar’s inland regions. From Diego Suarez, there are several exceptional natural sites on offer. One of the must-see places is the Tsingy Rouges, the ochre-coloured rocky peaks that are the pride and joy of this northern part of the island. There is also the Ankarana Special Reserve or the Amber Mountain National Park, boasting a number of exotic experiences for lovers of endemic fauna, including the notable colonies of lemurs, Madagascar’s most emblematic symbol!

With direct flights from Reunion Island, Diego Suarez (Antsiranana) stands out as an adventure destination and an ideal region for lovers of the great outdoors.


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