Organisation and careers

Cargo handling company jobs: Workforce of 48 employees :

HANDLER/FORKLIFT OPERATOR (20 people): Takes delivery of imported cargo, checks it, sorts it and delivers it to the loading bay. Takes delivery of cargo for export, weighs it, ensures that security checks are carried out and that the cargo is properly loaded and secured on aircraft pallets.

HANDLER/TALLY CLERK (6 people): same duties as a handler/forklift operator + also records data relating to packages on computer, directs the work of his or her team of handlers.

WAREHOUSE OPERATIVE (11 people): Ensures that transactions are dealt with smoothly and that packages are handled as efficiently as possible in line with customer expectations. Manages the teams and issues invoices for services provided.

HEAD WAREHOUSE OPERATIVE (4 people): Organises the work done by the teams to ensure smooth handling of cargo. Coordinates and leads the teams, checks that information relating to cargo manifests and bills of lading is consistent. Ensures a full operational and administrative service for import and export flights.

OPERATIONS ASSISTANT (3 people): Provides technical assistance for specific activities in the cargo terminal. Handles the service’s administration (invoicing, filing, archiving, payroll). Deals with and provides information for clients.

SKILLED WORKER responsible for stewarding (2 people): Ensures that all facilities and equipment in the cargo terminal are kept clean and in good working order. Assists sub-contractors or technical controllers in their maintenance work in the warehouses.

OPERATIONS MANAGER (1 person): Ensures that the service’s activities are carried out as efficiently as possible. Supervises and coordinates the work of the import and export warehouses and the teams under his or her responsibility. Organises technical and human resources required to meet the service’s objectives.

               SERVICE MANAGER (1 person): Manages the cargo terminal. Ensures the development of the cargo terminal’s activities. Participates in identifying strategic objectives and developing approaches. Makes best possible use of the technical, human and budgetary resources allocated to

               the cargo terminal