If you are travelling or want to plan your trip

  • In this section you can track the status of your flight in real time, consult our list of destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Indian Ocean and search for flight availability during the period of your choice.
  • Please contact airlines to confirm departure and arrival dates and times and don’t forget to take into account different time zones: La Réunion is in the UTC/GMT +4 time zone.
  • To ensure a hassle-free journey, consult our “guide du voyageur” for help with those final preparations before you travel to the airport.
  • To learn how the amount of “Airport taxes” shown on your ticket or invoice is calculated, download the “Transparence sur les dites taxes aéroport” document produced by the airport company
  • For your information, please consult the latest version of the list of airlines banned from flying in European airspace.

If you are waiting for or accompanying a passenger

  • You are entitled to 15 minutes’ free parking. If you need to park for longer, please consult our parking charges.
  • You will find bars, food outlets and drinks machines where you can buy a wide range of hot and cold drinks and sweet and savoury hot and cold snacks non-stop between the first and last flights of the day.
  • On the 1st floor, there is an air-conditioned public waiting room with plenty of seating and a games area for children where you can wait in comfort and follow flight departures and arrivals on the display screens.
  • The bookshop stocks a wide selection of publications and magazines, books, comics, postcards, gifts, lottery tickets and small travel accessories