Bars & Foodcourts

Grab a bite or take-away, wether landside or airside, you'll find a wide choice of tasty sandwiches, salads, meals and pastries at the airport's bars & foodcourts.


Fine pastries and chocolates, tasty snacks and pasta boxes of the local well-known brand Coco Cannelle


Contact :   06 93 92 58 30

New restaurant in the boarding lounge! The Dodo To Go

 A Grab & Go or Seat concept offering a wide range of fresh and healthy food. Take out time and enjoy a tasty pause before your flight!

Food and beverage

Eating on the run or taking time, bars and foodcourts of the airport welcomes you 7/7 from first to last flight.

Le Bon Vol - Public area and boarding lounge

Local tasty caris, snacking and mixed salads.

Contact :  Public area : 06 93 92 58 30/ Boarding lounge : 06 93 77 22 36 

Pub Commerces