Passenger air terminal: new entrances to the police check zone and opening of a “kiss and fly” area

On Thursday 2 November, Roland Garros Airport opened the entrances to the new police check and security zones, and to the “Kiss and Fly” area. A new staircase and escalator have been brought into operation in the public hall, so that passengers can access the 1st floor of the air terminal, where the police and security checks have been carried out since 12 September. A new lift will be provided soon. In the meantime, people with reduced mobility use the two existing lifts to access this new zone. Passengers and those accompanying them can now go together to the newly created “kiss and fly” zone. This cosy, comfortable, air-conditioned area has seats where they can wait and say goodbye in a calm and relaxed atmosphere before going through the police checks. The décor is in keeping with the airport’s new design, using natural materials (basalt, wood) and colours evoking the tropical natural environment of Réunion Island’s hills. The new departure circuit aims to make passenger and public traffic flow more smoothly, and to improve the general comfort of Roland Garros’ facilities.