Opening of the new pathway for departing passengers

On Tuesday 12 September, La Réunion Roland Garros airport opened its new pathway for departing passengers. Now, after check-in, passengers proceed to the 1st floor of the terminal, where police and security checks are now conducted. The opening of this new and smoother pathway required flawless organisation on the part of the airport’s teams to avoid causing any disruption to the airport’s operations. Over the last few days, the Border Police have moved their offices from level 1 (ground floor) of the terminal to level 2. The screening equipment from the main security checkpoint was dismantled during the night and relocated on the floor above. Following a final inspection on Monday morning, the security committee granted approval for the opening of the new pathway.   Now, when passengers leave the police and security screening area, they pass through Roland Garros airport’s new duty free shop on their way to the boarding area.