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AIR AUSTRALUU131ILE MAURICE23:50Expected 00h05
AIR CARAIBESTX6700PARIS ORLY05:50Expected 07h30
FRENCH BLUEBF700PARIS ORLY05:50Expected 07h30
AIR AUSTRALUU946MARSEILLE06:00Expected 05h20
AIR FRANCEAF644PARIS ORLY07:25Expected 07h45
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  • création des RESA, aires de sécurité en extrémité de piste

    L’Aéroport de La Réunion Roland Garros mettra en place dans les prochaines semaines un lit d’arrêt à l’extrémité de la piste longue, côté Sainte-Marie. Il deviendra le premier aéroport français à se doter d’un tel dispositif, destiné à immobiliser les avions en cas de sortie de piste.

    Pour plus d'informations,... 22 novembre Read more

  • Service improvement: installation of 4 e-gates

    Passengers access the new police check and security zone via “e-gates” where they scan their boarding pass. This new-generation equipment tells the airlines where their clients are located within the air terminal and enables the airport to give passengers better information about waiting times and formalities.











    03 novembre Read more
  • Opening of the new 650 m² Duty Free shop

    The Aelia Duty Free shop, which was previously located in the departure lounge, is now 2½ times bigger. The new walk-through duty free shopping mall covers an area of 650 m2 on the first floor of the terminal and forms part of the passenger pathway after the police and security screening area. Aelia offers travellers a wider range of leading international brands and also showcases... 12 septembre Read more