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  • Reunion Island begins here!

    Whether you are a passenger, a professional or just a visitor, all required information about the airport begins here! Regardless of whatever comments,suggestions or questions you have, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be responding to your queries as soon as possible; within a maximum of 48 hours. In this manner you will help us by contributing towards the improvement of the services that we are providing and this will ultimately allow us to stay connected to you and meet up your needs and expectations.

  • Le trafic fait un bond de 14,2 % en août

    Le nombre de passagers a connu sa plus forte progression mensuelle (+14,2%) depuis le début de l’année en août à l’Aéroport de La Réunion Roland Garros. 234 425 voyageurs ont été comptabilisés au cours de ce deuxième mois de la haute saison d’hiver austral 2017. Le pic de trafic est survenu le 3 août, avec 9 701 passagers enregistrés.

    ... 19 septembre Read more

  • Opening of the new 650 m² Duty Free shop

    The Aelia Duty Free shop, which was previously located in the departure lounge, is now 2½ times bigger. The new walk-through duty free shopping mall covers an area of 650 m2 on the first floor of the terminal and forms part of the passenger pathway after the police and security screening area. Aelia offers travellers a wider range of leading international brands and also showcases... 12 septembre Read more

  • Opening of the new pathway for departing passengers

    On Tuesday 12 September, La Réunion Roland Garros airport opened its new pathway for departing passengers. Now, after check-in, passengers proceed to the 1st floor of the terminal, where police and security checks are now conducted. The opening of this new and smoother pathway required flawless organisation on the part of the airport’s teams to avoid causing any disruption to the... 12 septembre Read more

  • The first plane

    The aviator Marcel Goulette accomplished the first air link between metropolitan France and Reunion Island on 26th November 1929. His Farman landed in a field in the hamlet of Gillot, especially prepared for the occasion. From 1933, the site was used by the Roland Garros flying club.

  • The first runway

    After the Second World War, flights to and from the island became more organised. The Gillot land became Reunion Island’s airport and a 1 870 m asphalt runway was built.

  • The first terminal

    The first terminal was built near the sea, in the outskirts of the Maperine quarter.

  • The Chamber of Commerce airport operator

    The government entrusted the running of the airport to the island’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Air traffic developed between metropolitan France and Reunion Island, via Madagascar.

  • The first Boeing

    The runway was extended to 2 670 m to allow the landing of four-engined aircraft. The first Air France B 707 landed at Gillot, whose terminal was expanded.

  • New terminal

    The airport facilities were moved to the south of the runway. The current terminal was built, as well as a cargo terminal and a complex of technical buildings.

  • Creation of Air Austral

    The Reunion Island company offered medium-haul flights over the Indian Ocean, as well as long-haul flights to metropolitan France from 2003.

  • Creation of Réunion Air Assistance

    The airport ground services company works with all the airline companies and supplements the services offered by Air France.

  • The long runway

    A second runway was created. 3 200 m long, it allowed aircraft to take off fully loaded and to fly non-stop to metropolitan France. For its inauguration, on 26th November, the terminal was renamed “Aéroport de Reunion Island Roland Garros” in tribute to the pioneering aviator who was born on Reunion Island.

  • New cargo terminal

    A new cargo terminal was built on the eastern section of the airport.

  • Asia non-stop

    Creation of a regular flight between Reunion Island and Asia (Bangkok) operated by Air Austral, firstly through a code sharing agreement with Air Madagascar then under its own brand from 2011.

  • The A 380

    An Airbus A 380 landed at Reunion Island Roland Garros Airport on 11th November 2009 on a test flight.

  • The S.A. Aéroport de Reunion Island

    Reunion Island Roland Garros Airport concession was transferred to an airport company made up of the State, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and local authorities. For the first time the airport exceeded the threshold of two million passengers in 2011. Its activity has been growing regularly since the end of the 1980s with the development of competition on the metropolitan France-Reunion Island route, the main component of the traffic.

  • New visual identity

    Creation and launch of the new visual identity for Reunion Island Roland Garros Airport

  • Runways and taxiways

    Work began to reinforce and expand runways and taxiways

  • The passenger Terminal eastern extension

    Start of work on the passenger terminal eastern extension

  • Runway and taxiway

    Final completion of runway and taxiway reinforcement and shoulder broadening works

  • Power plant construction

    New backup power plant construction works started west of the airport

  • Certification

    Airport Company ISO 14001 (Environnement Management) ans ISO 50001 (Energy Management) certified. ISO 9001 certification renewed and extensed to the Freight Terminal

  • Opening of the passenger Terminal eastern

    Opening of the passenger Terminal eastern extension and delivery of the phase I of the program of investments 2001-2015